Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Non-Snow Snow Days

Yes, it has been a hundred years since I've posted.  But, our beloved southern city has been assaulted by snow-- well, "southern snow" anyway.
"Southern Snow" is the kind of snow that makes the rest of the United States point and laugh at us.  Why? A few little flakes, and we storm the grocery store for bread, milk and eggs.  We close schools.  People hole up in their homes, terrified to drive in "bad weather."
Last night, the snow began falling just at sundown.  The problem was, the Board of Education had already announced that school would be "in" today.  So, as the entire county watched the roads become icy, with no plows or salt to be had for the back, hilly roads, we shook our heads.  We all knew they would close schools.  But the county had already put out the declaration that they wouldn't.
Keith, Emma and Amy refused to believe they were going to school.  They were bouncing around like pinballs until I lost my ever-lovin' mind at about 10:30, with the proclamation that if they didn't go to bed and go to sleep that I was going to take away all television privileges for the rest of their lives (or something realistic like that).
We all went to bed, secure in the knowledge that the Board of Education was going to have to eat crow. There was no way they were going to allow our precious little angel babies to go out in this severe... dusting... of snow!
Sure enough, 6:30 AM my phone rang.  Now, let me just say that if if my phone rings after 9:30 PM at night, or prior to 7:30 AM in the morning, someone better have a pretty darn big emergency.  Or school better be out.
Obviously, it was the latter.  And, despite the fact that it was early, the kids smiled from ear to ear when I let them know they could turn off their alarms and sleep a little later.
We have effectively been slugs:  pajamas past noon, Disney Channel marathon and snack foods all day! It's the BEST!
But, in the world of "southern snow", we get to have our cake and eat it, too.  The roads where we live are fine- clear even.  So, we can still get out and go to the store or to the movies (if we so choose to get out of our comfy pajamas).
Yes, the kids are disappointed there is no "real" snow, with which they could build snowmen or go sledding.  But, as any school child would be, they are so entirely thrilled to be out of school, they will readily find other things to do on our non-snow snow day.
And I am happily catching up on my blog and other things I have not been able to get to because of "life."
So, Happy "Snow Day."  May your day be full of fun, even without real snow.

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