Friday, December 27, 2013


Amy was completely delighted to finally get her ears pierced. We made her wait until she was 12. Admittedly, that was a completely arbitrary number. But we wanted our kids to grow up as slowly as possible.
We have watched other people we have known allow their toddlers to pierce their ears, wear make up, have tons of clothes, take limo rides to rock concerts and expensive restaurants, and become miniature adults, complete with horrific manners and demanding personalities. I don't mean to sound like I'm passing judgement; certainly we have made parental decisions with which others would not agree. However, our logic to making our kids wait to do simple things, like have a cell phone, pierce their ears, wear make up, wear high heels, shave their legs, etc., was that we wanted them to 1) enjoy their childhood, and 2) have something to look forward to. If a little girl is riding in limos at the age of six, what's so special about a limo at prom or at their wedding? If a child goes to a One Direction concert and sits in the front row at age five, what is left for them to look forward to enjoying when they're fifteen or twenty five? If it's all been "done" at a young age, what is left to anticipate?
We know children are persistent when they want something. And they can be down-right annoying in their pursuit of whatever they want.
But consider Christmas: Arguably one the most fun and exciting parts of Christmas is the anticipation that builds into an absolutely frenzy by Christmas Eve. It's true that children want the toys and gifts they receive Christmas morning. But the gifts are even more fun and valued because they aren't granted or given the very moment they're requested. The desire blooms and is nurtured until it is satisfied at the first glance of that special toy or gift early Christmas morning.
We wanted to give that same feeling of Christmas satisfaction to our kids for some of the other milestones and moments of growing up.
So Amy just got her ears pierced. I believe she was one of the very last of her friends to do so.
But I can guarantee she will remember that moment as a special moment.
Next milestone: Emma gets her driving permit... Oh my... I think the ear piercing will be far easier on MommyBarbie...
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