Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommy PillowPet

Superhero Sheep
Superhero Sheep (Photo credit: elisharene)
During the day, I appear to be an every-day, average mom of three. But at night, I am magically transformed into something else. I am more than a super hero. I am better than a mere mom. I am a human pillow.

Yes, you read correctly. I am a squishy, cozy, heat-producing pillow, on which every member of my household must lie.

I am not knocking myself in the weight category; that is not even part of the equation, regardless of the fact that my extra-ness does actually make me more pillow-like.

I am referring to the fact that once I become still (having finished dinner, homework, chores, etc.), I evidentially send out some kind if homing signal to every person and animal within our humble abode.

Within mere minutes, I have little humans, big humans, and animals sitting around me, beside me, and, quite literally, on me.

The good news is that enjoy all the cuddly, sweet, love-y time.

The bad news? It gets HOT! My family produces enough body heat to contribute significantly to the global warming problem- and they are all on me! After the initial "awww" moment of having all whom I love and adore within inches of my person has passed, I begin sweating like I'm wearing a fur coat over a wet suit in a sauna.

So, every once in a while I call a "time out" so I can get up and breathe, before resuming the position.

Then I snuggle in, squeeze those precious people (and animals), take in their sweet, sweet scent, and count my blessings. :)
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Friday, March 2, 2012


It has been a long time since I've posted. Partly because I have been so very, very busy (and I like to sleep-- so something had to give.)

But partly also because my three muses have banded together and prohibited me from writing. Well- writing about them. And it's kind of hard to write posts about parenting and children when the children beg you not to write about them.

When something would happen in my house that was post-worthy, my kids would immediately cry, "Mom, please don't put this on Facebook!"

First, I wanted to reply, "It's not on Facebook, it's my blog..." But that's splitting hairs...

(The up side of their reluctance to share is that telling my kids I will post something is a fabulous deterrent for bad behavior!)

But when I was left with having to dig to have subject matter, (and the animal stories were tired) it seemed a great time to take a break.

Recently, however, my fingers have begun itching again whenever I get near a keyboard.

And, I found I was talking to myself- composing endless posts (that seemed quite entertaining in my head).

So, here I am: posting again. We'll see where this blog goes. After all, even if I don't post directly about my kids, I may "mention" them. And besides that, I am still MommyBarbie! ;-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So how did 2011 treat you?
I found that my year was chalk-full of just about everything:
I started school
We are planning the kids' first trip to Disney
We have enriched and developed our relationships with old friends
And we have begun to get to know new friends
Some things that have become crystal-clear to me this past year are:
I am ever-changing. This is both good and bad; exciting and frightening
Family is THE most important thing to me- and that is not limited to family related only by blood
It is Ok to have a different opinion than someone els so long as-
-the other person doesn't require you to change
-you don't lose yourself in the other person's opinion
I'm not always right
Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all
I don't have to always be the one who
-lays it all out on the table
-tries to make it right
-tries to make everyone else happy
I am not great- or even very good- at resolutions.But I am going o try to commit to the following (not just for the year, but on-going):
-I will try to better honor boundaries: money, food, time, commitments
-I will will try to be more gracious and more graceful; I will try to keep negative thoughts and opinions to myself
-I will try to always look for the positive
-I will stand behind those I love and stand up for what I believe
-I will talk to God about everything first- and quit trying to handle it all on my own!
Blessings to you all in 2012. May your year be full of love, happiness, and joy!