Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All of Me

When hubby & I stood in front of a congregation of people in 1992 and vowed to love and care for each other for better, for worse, etc., we promised to love all of each other. Over the years, "all" of us has grown- and not just spiritually/emotionally. Unfortunately, we've also "blossomed" in our physical bodies, as well.

Today, hubby & I sat down with a "New Day: New Me" plan. We talked about how we would eat and how we would exercise. We planned everything out on a calendar and I began working on a spread sheet. We were going to do this thing!

So tonight we weighed ourselves after our first day of our diet.

The big reveal.

Hubby had already lost 2 pounds! Yea!

Of course, I expected he would lose faster than me; He's a man.

My turn.

I had...


Oh. My. Gosh.

I guess now hubby gets to love "all of me" even more...

1 comment:

hatchdealisland said...

Never, ever, ever weigh yourself at night . . .

Salt + Water = increased weight

The only exception ~ if you've just sweated out buckets while mowing the back yard . . . immediately run inside and pay a visit to the bathroom scale!

Good luck!