Monday, January 10, 2011


Southern SnowImage by J Crow via FlickrWhat is it about snow days that seem so fabulous? Is it the fact that it's (relatively) unexpected? Is it the fact that it effectively clears your schedule for the day- without any work on your part? Maybe it's a little of both.

Last night (after making our obligatory run to Walmart for bread, milk and eggs: required sustenance for Southern Winter snow) we went to bed to a crisp, clear sky, the kids praying for a miraculous twelve feet of snow. While the inches may have fallen somewhat short, we did get snow, and it did achieve the desired result: school was closed.

Then, miracle of miracles, this afternoon it was announced that school is closed again tomorrow. The kids were delirious with joy. I expected open weeping.

I, too, am excited for another snow day. I have several assignments for school I'm trying to get the jump on. So I'm actually trying to be somewhat productive with my time- while admitting I have also enjoyed staying in yoga pants and a sweatshirt all day.

If tomorrow it is announced that we will be out again on Wednesday, it may begin to lose its charm, as cabin fever sets in and the kids look for ways to bug the snot out of me. That's when I start threatening things like duck-taping them to the mailbox (in warm clothing, of course) until their father gets home.

But for today, and hopefully tomorrow, we will enjoy the beauty of the snow- along with the sheer joy of the snow day. My alarm is NOT set. And I have fresh yoga pants and sweatshirt ready to wear
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