Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mommy Barbie- Super Powers!

I always knew that being "Mommy Barbie" was special. However, until recently, I was unaware I had special super powers...

This is highly confidential, because I don't know the full use of my powers yet, and I don't know what all this means. But I am willing to accept this "gift" and use it for good instead of evil...

I... am the only one in the house that can hear a telephone ringing.

At first, I thought it was just a fluke. The phone would ring and ring, and all other four members of my family would continue doing whatever it was they were doing without even flinching.

I, on the other hand, was ensconced in some project that I couldn't get out from under in time to answer the phone before it went to voice mail. So, I called on the help of my four other family members:

"Can someone please answer the phone?"

ring.... ring....

"Can someone PLEASE answer the phone?"

ring.... ring....

Now I'm throwing off whatever project I was into to try to leap over the sofa table and race across the kitchen to grab the handset.

My family looks up with surprise:

"What are you doing?"

"I am answering the phone!" I say irritated.

They look at me blankly, nothing registering.

The phone call could be from one of the children's friends wanting to play together. It could be from one of hubby's friends wanting to tell him they had a tee time set up for them. And yet, no one seems to really notice or care.

I know when the children get older we will have small battles and major wars waged over the use of the phone for social calls. I sort of wince at the mere thought of it.

But for now, no one seems to have the ability to hear the super-sonic ringing of our phone...


Unless it is a telemarketer, donation solicitor or some other "unavailable" number that comes up on caller ID. Immediately my children's interest is piqued.

"Mom, who do we know from DesMoines, Iowa?"

"No one. Please don't..." I don't get to finish because a child is pressing a phone up to my ear.

If you try to call my house and you don't get an answer, do not be dismayed. It does not mean we are not home. My super sonic hearing will kick in and I will try my best to get to the phone.

If all else fails, just call my cell...

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