Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Writing on the Wall...

I have always loved words- I love the way they have rules, like grammar and spelling; I love the way you can make them sound different by inflection or accent; I love that they are creative, that you can manipulate the same words in a way that you can make them into a mood, a scene, a direction, a law, an article or even an application or a resume.

I have always loved reading. Not too recently I discovered the love and joy of writing. Journals and diaries always seemed a little too self-appreciating for me (although I know of lots of people who journal faithfully and it's wonderful for them!). I don't have the attention span to write novels (although I wish I did). But, I found and and have been hooked ever since.

Blogger is more journalistic, allowing me to comment on my world. WeBook is more challenging, with members asking each other to participate in various projects, from poetry to short stories in all styles and forms.

Since I love being a wife/mommy more than anything in this world, Blogger allows me to look at sometimes challenging situation and find the humor in it. I've been able to share these with family and friends, in hopes they will laugh, too.

It is common place to be in the middle of the crisis of the day and, after a deep breath, say, "I'm going to have to blog about this!"

I sincerely hope my children will have my love for words- whether they express it in reading, writing, song or personal interaction. And I will continue my "free" hobby (there are so few of those- and my hubby is quite happy that I've finally found one) as a way to remember, laugh, get things off my chest and create.

Thank you for joining me when you can. Have a good one!

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