Sunday, December 6, 2009

Touchdown, Titans!

Hubby is a HUGE Tennessee Titans fan. When we married, he sorta' cheered for Michigan teams because he was born there. But over the years, he has developed a camaraderie with some guy friends who love football.
These guys bought the original Tennessee Titan PSL's for whatever ungodly money they charged. They tailgate for a minimum of three hours prior to game time. And they make it on the jumbo tron and/or national television on a regular basis because they are so outlandish in the stands.
Today, my otherwise normal, loving hubby is watching the Titans play the Colts. In years past, he would chat with the family while keeping an eye on the game. Today, the family must walk on tip-toe, so as not to make any noise, because hubby is concentrating on the game.
My hubby has morphed into that obnoxious fan who screams his armchair quarterback coaching advice at the television screen.
It is especially bad because the Titans have not brought their "A Game." In fact, they are sort of sucking wind. He chants, cheers and carries on like a... man.
Football season is not going to be much longer, thank goodness. But, never fear, there will be the draft. There will commentary by sportscasters and talking heads. Then there is, of course, the pre-game (which I once made the mistake of calling "practice games"). And all the miscellaneous "stuff" in between.
For today, I hope that Titans can get it together to at least look like they are making an effort on the field. Otherwise this family is in for a veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long day...

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