Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Magic

Tonight my children and I watched "Bewitched" together- the old black & white version. We had fun watching the plot, and I enjoyed telling them about "the old days." Rotary phones, kitten heels and proper English were all things my children were intrigued by.

It took me to another time when I was growing up. When I thought the magic of "Bewitched"was something cutting edge and wonderful. I was reminded of other shows from that time in my life: "I Dream of Jeanie," "Gilligan's Island," even "Love Boat," and "Fantasy Island" came to mind.

Trying to tell my kids about these shows made me get all misty-eyed. However, my kids were only impressed until Endora, Samantha's mother, vanished and took their attention with them.

It was easy enough for me to stay back in that time for just a little while longer. I was taken back to the end of disco, back to phones that didn't work if they weren't attached to a wall, back to eight track tapes, back to Julie McCoy helping people find their soul mates on the "Love Boat," and Gilligan being clutzy and stupid while the Professor made major scientific breakthroughs on "Gilligan's Island."

Then the kids broke the spell.

"You're touching me!" Amy hollered.

"You took my seat," Keith retorted.

"Let me have the remote, Keith," Emma scowled.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was jolted back to the present time. "Bewitched," credits were rolling. My cellphone chirped.  I propped my Crocs up on the table. I realized I was nowhere near Tattoo and "la plane, la plane," on "Fantasy Island." But I was okay with that.

I'm happy where I am. But it's still fun to watch the old shows with the kids. ;-)

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