Monday, November 22, 2010


A child sleeping.Image via WikipediaWhat is up with people (especially children) who don't want to sleep? I so don't get that.

My bed is my haven, my inner sanctum. I absolutely love to cuddle up in my bundles of blankets and pillows and wallow.

And dream! Who doesn't like to dream? I'll grant you, nightmares are no fun. But generally speaking, my dreams are harmless, happy, witless apparitions that float across the front of my brain.

My children hate to sleep. They would do just about anything to keep from going to bed at night. And on weekends, when I am looking forward to dozing, they are up at the crack of dark, begging for something to do. I suggest sleep. They balk and act as though I've asked them to donate their liver.

I can't tell you how many conversations in my house go something like this:

ME:  Go to bed.

CHILD:  But I'm not tired (said in high, nasal, whiny, VERY tired voice)

ME:  It's so far past your bed time. You are going to miserable tomorrow. Please go get some sleep.

CHILD: *YAWN* But if I go to bed now, I'll get, like eight hours of sleep. I don't need that much sleep.

ME: Yes you do. Now, let's go.

CHILD:  Can I watch TV/listen to music/read a book/color? (read: anything but sleep)

ME:  No. I want you to sleep.

CHILD:  But if I do (insert activity) it will make me sleepy. Right now I'm not tired (rubs eyes)

ME:  If you don't go to bed right now, I'll dock your allowance by $2.00 for every minute you're out of bed.

CHILD:  That's not fair. You and daddy are up.

ME:  I'm not kidding. The clock starts... NOW.

CHILD:  (Scrambles to bed while complaining & mumbling).

Then I finish folding the load of laundry or changing the sheets on the bed, or whatever task I'm doing. Then I go to tuck them in and tell them goodnight; they are snoring. I thought they weren't tired???

Besides just plain liking sleep, I find that the many, many benefits are well worth the horizontal time invested. For example, sleep is when your body replenishes, heals and relaxes. Everything from weight loss to athletic performance is attributed to getting quality sleep. And it's the number one fighter of the big "S" word (Stress!).

I do have a rare instance of insomnia. And it totally stinks. I hate watching the clock, bleary-eyed while I wait for my alarm to go off. I really feel for friends who have regular bouts of it.

Hubby snores. And I know I've mentioned this before. Because hubby is not a "normal" snorer. He's a snore-so-hard-he-sucks-the-drapes-off-the-windows snorer. Remedy? Ear plugs for me.

Son snored. Had tonsils removed. Now he doesn't snore and he sleeps much better.

I don't snore unless I'm sick. Then I'm told I could wake the dead. But I'm usually far too asleep to hear myself.

Just talking about sleep is making me...  You guessed it: Sleepy. LOL.

As I write this, my children, feigning the superpower of not needing sleep, are trying to climb out of their beds to play some more. So, I guess as a responsible parent, I need to jump off my computer to go shoo them into bed.

Also time for me to snuggle down into my happy slumber for the night.

So, Good Night.  And, Sweet Dreams...

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