Friday, March 2, 2012


It has been a long time since I've posted. Partly because I have been so very, very busy (and I like to sleep-- so something had to give.)

But partly also because my three muses have banded together and prohibited me from writing. Well- writing about them. And it's kind of hard to write posts about parenting and children when the children beg you not to write about them.

When something would happen in my house that was post-worthy, my kids would immediately cry, "Mom, please don't put this on Facebook!"

First, I wanted to reply, "It's not on Facebook, it's my blog..." But that's splitting hairs...

(The up side of their reluctance to share is that telling my kids I will post something is a fabulous deterrent for bad behavior!)

But when I was left with having to dig to have subject matter, (and the animal stories were tired) it seemed a great time to take a break.

Recently, however, my fingers have begun itching again whenever I get near a keyboard.

And, I found I was talking to myself- composing endless posts (that seemed quite entertaining in my head).

So, here I am: posting again. We'll see where this blog goes. After all, even if I don't post directly about my kids, I may "mention" them. And besides that, I am still MommyBarbie! ;-)

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nrhatch said...

When we were kids, to get each other to behave, we'd say, "I'm telling MOM on you."

You, as the MOM, just get to say, "I'm telling my BLOG on you."

Keep smiling!