Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommy PillowPet

Superhero Sheep
Superhero Sheep (Photo credit: elisharene)
During the day, I appear to be an every-day, average mom of three. But at night, I am magically transformed into something else. I am more than a super hero. I am better than a mere mom. I am a human pillow.

Yes, you read correctly. I am a squishy, cozy, heat-producing pillow, on which every member of my household must lie.

I am not knocking myself in the weight category; that is not even part of the equation, regardless of the fact that my extra-ness does actually make me more pillow-like.

I am referring to the fact that once I become still (having finished dinner, homework, chores, etc.), I evidentially send out some kind if homing signal to every person and animal within our humble abode.

Within mere minutes, I have little humans, big humans, and animals sitting around me, beside me, and, quite literally, on me.

The good news is that enjoy all the cuddly, sweet, love-y time.

The bad news? It gets HOT! My family produces enough body heat to contribute significantly to the global warming problem- and they are all on me! After the initial "awww" moment of having all whom I love and adore within inches of my person has passed, I begin sweating like I'm wearing a fur coat over a wet suit in a sauna.

So, every once in a while I call a "time out" so I can get up and breathe, before resuming the position.

Then I snuggle in, squeeze those precious people (and animals), take in their sweet, sweet scent, and count my blessings. :)
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