Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Texting Zone

When you send someone an electronic correspondence, it behooves you to check carefully to make sure the correct recipient is in the address bar. Dear hubby, due to neglecting this tidbit of texting etiquette, has now become the official poster child of the cause.

Evidently, he sent me a sweet, romantic text saying, "Have I told you lately I'm madly in love with you?" (Yes, I am aware that I have the BEST guy ever.)

In fact, had I gotten that text I would've immediately replied with something equally nauseatingly sweet and romantic.

However, that text was inadvertently sent to his last phone recipient, who also happened to be his very male, very retired-military boss.

When this little mishap was relayed to me this evening, I hooted and giggled and then laughed some more.

This event turned out just fine for us, but should serve as a cautionary tale to emailers and texters alike: be careful to check BEFORE you hit "send". A jealous spouse or a terse boss who doesn't find humor in situations like that could've very well been on the other end of that text.

So text and email with care. And don't worry about getting an errant text from dear hubby; he's probably just going to call people on the phone and speak to them personally for a while...

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