Monday, March 23, 2009

Would You Rather… ???

My children have become incredibly fond of the game “Would you rather?”  The way you play this game is you pick two (or more) scenarios and ask the other player(s) which scenario they would choose, if they were asked to choose.  For example, “Would you rather:  swim in jello or pudding?

We have spent countless hours engaged in this game.  Sometimes we get some insight into each other.  I’ve learned my children have some great reasoning skills.  When I’ve asked them why they have chosen one thing or the other, their answers are actually thought out and they have considered things from many different angles.

We have begun playing this game for real in the mornings when we are trying to get ready.  Except the questions are usually posed in such a way that there is really only one answer that would be considered acceptable.  This morning, the question of the day was:  “Would you rather go downstairs and take care of the dog, or sleep in your own room tonight?”  The dog was very grateful she got to go out.

I’ve had to play “Would you rather?” as a parent on a regular basis.  “Would you rather go to the movies, or eat dinner for the next couple of nights- because we only have enough money for one.”  Or, “Would you rather go to the movies, or to the grocery store- because we only have time for one.”

My son recently received a book as a gift that has many different “Would You Rather…” questions- but most of the questions don’t have any answers I would select.  “Would you rather lick the seat of a public toilet, or the shoe string of a kindergartener at the end of the day?”  Wow… Neither, thanks.

The idea of the game, though, is that you can not say either “neither,” or “both.”  As in most things in life, you have to pick a side if you want to play.  Staying on the fence may be safe- but it doesn’t allow you to move forward to the next question.

So, my question for you is:  “Would you rather read a blog, or take a nap?”  Either way, I suppose you will have fun…  So, enjoy!

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