Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schedules vs. Vacation

It has come to my attention recently that I have fallen off the proverbial "blog waggon." Please accept my apologies. It seems that life has taken precedent over my hobby... So it goes...

The latest and greatest at our house is the recent trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Somehow, by the grace of God, we drove the six zillion hours down and back, stayed five nights and six days, and actually got along 95% of the time. This was no doubt a record for this household, where in "normal" life we can't make it for more than 35 seconds without hearing, "Moooooo-ooooommmm! He's touching me!" "She started it!" "Make her stop!"

And, yet, we managed to leave all of that behind when we went on vacation. It was completely fabulous.

The government seems totally bent on throwing money around right now. So I propose that they fund a study to find out what makes children turn into complete banshees at home, but makes them tame and happy as fat cats on vacation.

My personal theory is that we, as parents, are focused on about thirteen billion things during our normal, every-day life. But on vacation, we focus on our kids. They have no reason to act out, act up or generally be ornery; they already have our attention.

Not to mention, we get more rest. Whereas at home, all of our activities keep us running all day, and sometimes into the night. On vacation we get naps; we sleep in late; we have a leisurely pace.

How do we bring the vacation attitude into every day life? The first and primary way is to utilize a simple little word: "No." Quit over-scheduling. Oh, yeah, right. I already feel like I say "No" every other word that comes out of my mouth. Sometimes it's easier just to say "Yes" to not have to fight.

Also, devoting specific time to the family, to your children, helps life be more reminiscent of vacation days. Since we are usually so married to our schedules, that's probably a little easier and a little more realistic.

I guess scheduling in time to write isn't such a bad idea, either. This is such a positive outlet for me. And, as hubby likes to remind me on a fairly regularly basis, it's FREE!!!

For tonight, the kids are tucked nicely in bed. Hopefully they are having sweet, innocent dreams. And hopefully they will be getting lots of good rest, so that they can be a little less cranky for my parents tomorrow.

And, hopefully, I'll be drifting off to dreamland soon, too... Now that I've "channeled my creative energy" for the evening. Good night. Rest well. Here's to a wonderful tomorrow... :)

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