Sunday, May 3, 2009

He Shoots, He Scores!

Tomorrow Keith tries out for Basketball at the Middle School. He is so nervous. I am nervous for him.

It has made me completely nastalgic, having my oldest in Middle School. First it takes me back to how young he really is, even if he seems older. He can wear my shoes now. But I try to discourage it, because it stretches them out, and he is taller than me in heels.

The second way I feel nostalgic is I can remember vividly making the jump from Elementary to Middle School. I went from being a part of a classroom to wandering the halls to and from several classrooms. I went from nothing before or after school, to being on the pom pon squad and several other school clubs. And I was introduced to the world of "Boys."

I remember that fluttery feeling when a cute boy smiled at me. I didn't want to actually speak to them; what in the world would I say?

Keith has dived into the waters of "Girls," but seems to be navigating just fine. He has a friend who is a girl, who seems very level-headed, and not caught up in the catty girl stuff that Middle School seems to bring out in spades.

In fact, in many ways, he seems to be taking Middle School much more in stride than I did. I'm proud of him for trying out for Basketball. I ran the opposite direction of anything that smacked of competition. I guess I still do.

I admire his guts, his ability to take life in stride. I'm so proud of him.

I wish him the very best tomorrow. Mostly because he wants to also try out for the football team, and I would much rather him be dribbling a ball on the court than dribbling in a cup from the ball- hitting him, along with a bunch of other really big guys.

Hopefully, he'll become the next big basket ball star. That way he'll be happy, feel like he fits in, and stay off the football field!

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