Monday, April 27, 2009

Be Still...

The sign on the front of my car says, "Mom's Taxi." This weekend I could have made a mint if I had actually charged for the rides. My kids' social life rivaled that of any pop star sensation of the moment. They went to sleep-overs, parties, movies, and all sorts of other places. We had events stacked back-to-back, and sometimes literally on top of each other.

When all the revelry was finally dying and down and it was time for our children to come home, we were met with loud objections: "Just a few more minutes, mom!" and "But I don't want to come home, yet!" Were I not a secure person, I could take a lot of personal offense from this. However, I love my kids, and know they love me. And I know that the theory of: An object in motion tends to stay in motion applies completely and directly to my children.

No matter how tired, how exhausted, how sleepy, how hungry- they will "go" until they fall over. And their energy reserve seems almost endless as they bounce (literally) from one place to the next.

While in church on Sunday, my daughter tapped, fidgeted, crossed and uncrossed her legs, shifted her weight, and sighed a lot. During the quiet prayers, I could feel her vibrating next to me, as if to say, "Yeah, okay: God, we love You. Please bless everyone on the planet and beyond. Amen. Now, let's get on with it already!"

I, on the other hand, was standing still, almost in a trance, not even uttering the congregational responses. It felt soooooo good just to not be "doing" anything! Just standing or sitting... breathing...

I remember growing up thinking the church service would NEVER end! And I'm sure my mother remembers me practically doing gymnastics on the pew next to her.

At the time, I thought, "How do grown ups stay so still? This has got to be the most boring thing EVER! I mean, I'll bet even God thinks these prayers are long and boring. He's probably thinking: Okay. Thanks. I got it. I can't believe He hasn't told us to be quiet already!"

Now I realize: The grown ups weren't so much more reverent and faithful than I was when I was young; They were just tired!- From driving, from all the events their children did, for all the responsibilities that had to be taken care of during the weekend, etc.

If I did not have to cook, clean, take kids places, arrange schedules, work, and all the other miscellaneous and sundry things I do, I could have the energy my kids have. I could have their social life, too. I could be twitching like a mad woman during church.

But, alas, I am a mother. And mothers must do what mothers must do. So, I will continue to be still (as God requests, I might add) during church. And I will enjoy my little balls of energy sitting next to me.

Soon they will want to sit with friends, go to work, sleep in (not that they'll be allowed to do any of that). But while they're here, I'll be glad and rejoice while I be still and know God.

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