Monday, July 26, 2010

Call Me

When it comes to technology, I'll give myself about a C+.  I've figured out lots of software programs for work; but, I can't always figure out how to make the CD player feed show on my television (in my defense, it takes about six steps).

I have a Blackberry cell phone. I LOVE the fact that I get emails, texts and internet, besides having it actually function as a phone. What I don't love is the fact that it tends to seize up at least once a day, requiring me to have to yank out the battery and let it reset.

It usually has its seizure at the most inconvenient time, like when I'm lost and I'm trying to pull up Google Maps to find my way home. Or when I need to call someone right now, this very minute.

I'm up for a new phone in November. And while I don't want to wish time away, I am so excited for November to get here. I have my eye on a phone called a Droid X. The commercial is so totally cool! And I have visited it in the store. It's just waiting for Momma to come pick it up...

There has been much ado about the iPhone. And being a Mac fan, I love the idea of having the compatible phone. AND my carrier, Verizon, is rumored to be carrying the iPhone in January. Fabulous! Except I don't know if I can live with my Blackberry that long. Plus, I'm hearing things about the iPhone dropping calls randomly. With my limited technological ability, I don't need to take on any new problems.

I am sad my Blackberry has turned out to be such a big pain. When I first got my Blackberry, I thought it was the best thing since peanut butter on sliced bread. But I think I've added enough applications and other things that take up memory that the poor thing is frazzled.

The Droid & the iPhone are designed to allow several applications run at the same time. So I can talk on the phone even if my text and email are still "open." Blackberries function in a way that require you to only run one program at a time, which is very annoying.

Maybe a new form of Blackberry will resolve this problem. Maybe a more technologically advanced person could operate their Blackberry better. But my C+ brain just won't function that way.


So, for now, I'm counting down until I can get a phone that's more user-friendly for me. Until then, if you call and you are suddenly cut off, please know it's not you. In fact it's not really me. It's my phone. And I'm sorry. Maybe I'll be able to get a new phone even sooner... Well, one can hope...

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Stephanie Faris said...

There seem to be a lot of rumors about the Verizon just involves Apple coming up with a way to make its phone work on a CDMA network, which is what Verizon uses. Currently it only works on GSM networks. Doesn't seem like it would be all that hard.

My mom loves her Droid. The only benefit I see to the iPhone is just the fact that it's number one...which means it'll always have the best apps. That's what all the designers are working toward. Not too many people/companies lining up to make apps for the Droid. That could change (and SHOULD change) but it would take the Droid becoming super-popular.

As for locking up...both the Droid and the iPhone have their issues. My iPhone has a flaw in its "proximity sensor" that means the screen doesn't shut off when I'm talking on it. I had to get a Bluetooth because it was driving me crazy. (Apple says it's working on a fix.) My mom had to seek out software for the Droid to keep it from constantly butt-dialing it seems to be okay. I had the Samsung Instinct and it locked up every time I got a voicemail... Whatever you have, it's gonna be a pain at times, but at least with the iPhone, they have to come up with a fix. Otherwise they're all over the news CONSTANTLY!