Thursday, July 29, 2010


Tonight, I'm... somber.

  • I have a friend whose two week old baby was admitted to the NICU of Vandy because she has a fever of 104 and they can't get it down.
  • I have a friend whose nine day old baby is in the NICU because she was born with a serious heart condition, and has already had the first of several surgeries needed to correct it.
  • I have a friend whose father-in-law went in for a check up before leaving on an extended trip and found out he had major to complete blockage. He will have double by-pass surgery tomorrow.
  • I have a friend who has announced she and her husband are filing for divorce. While this may have been something she has been struggling with for a while, this was the first I knew that there were any problems.
  • I have a friend who has had several maladies, which, in and of themselves are not so bad. But compounded, she has been very uncomfortable.
  • I was told we need to deal with a potential medical issue close to home.
  • I have a friend whose church is experiencing change that does not feel positive, and it is unsettling.

Usually I am the personification of Pollyanna, which I know is annoying to many friends of mine. But sometimes even my Pollyanna braids droop. Today is one of those days.

Certainly I keep these precious people in my heart, thoughts & prayers. Certainly I know that God hears all & loves grander and better than I could ever know. I am not without a smile. I feel warmth & hope. But I also feel the sadness, fear, anger, confusion and exhaustion of these friends who are caring for their loved ones.

Tomorrow, I hope to resume my Pollyanna attitude. And I will watch for triumphs, gains, successes and good news.

Thank you all for joining me in hope for a better, brighter tomorrow!

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Jason said...

Sheesh...I'm sorry you've had such a bad day. :(