Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Free Education???

Today I bought the equivalent of a new wardrobe, some new skin care, new make up, shoes, a new hair cut & color and a new fancy coffee maker.

Except I got exactly NONE of that.

Instead, I got school supplies for three kids, new uniforms for three kids, new shoes for three kids, new lunch boxes for three kids, new water bottles for three kids and new backpacks for three kids.

Best money I've ever spent. Even if it wasn't for anything on my personal wish list.

Why? Because the kids, who have become delirious with boredom- despite the incredibly short summer- need. to. go. to. school.

Thank the Lord they do indeed go back next week. Wednesday is registration and the first full day is Friday. Woo Hoo!

Once school starts, I will be able to squirrel away bits of change here and there. Then one day while the kids are busy learning and stuffing their brains full of wonderful knowledge, I'll sneak away to get a mani/pedi with a friend or go shopping for something totally frivolous, like another tube of lipstick I don't need or some nail polish.

I'm sad to see the summer dwindle down to a close. The idea of getting back into the homework grind holds absolutely no appeal for me. On paper, it makes perfect sense that they practice newly learned material and hone their study skills. But realistically, it really cuts into evenings. And when it comes to my family, I am really selfish about our time.

But the kids are more than ready. And now they are also supplied to the hilt.

Bring on the school year!
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Erika Kolecki said...

We did school shopping today. My daughter starts Kindergarten this week at MHMS and I've only purchased two uniforms because I am so completely confused about what we need, what we should get, what the choices are, etc. It all makes me want to cry!

Stephanie Faris said...

Ahhh the price of school supplies. But it's not just that. Once school starts, every other week they need money for some this or that, right?