Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlackBerry Coma

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I have been in a funk. A deep, dark, mean, yucky funk.

I haven't been on Facebook or Twitter. I haven't written in my blog. I haven't written much of anything.

I have managed to get some pretty decent house cleaning done. And I've gotten my kids ready for school every morning (which is no small feat). I've made sure they were fed and clothed, that Dear Son (DS) gets to and from football, and that everyone was in bed by 9:00 PM. *WHEW*

Hubby has been out of town since Saturday morning, which has been sorta' normal these days, but still no fun. Prior to that he was in town for a whole week, which was nice, but not very normal.

Somewhere about the time his plane landed for his extended stay home, my funk settled in on me. It's not that I didn't have plenty to write and plenty to say. Goodness knows I'm never at a loss for words. But I turned in my Mac for some family time.

I kept up with the world through emails. But I rarely got any of the everyday "stuff" that I get from Twitter and Facebook. I was amazed at how disconnected I felt.

But in a weird way, it was kind of liberating, too.

I sat with my family and visited with them. I got all the "school stuff" taken care of. I just "hung out."

I missed it, though. Especially writing and my blog. I would be sitting in the car pool line and think, "Oh, I need to write about that." Then I would remember my self-imposed sabbatical and think about something else.

Today my BlackBerry Storm died. Well, I should say it's still dying. It's blinking at me, which is like watching the heart monitor blip. It hasn't quite flat-lined. But it won't do anything but blink. It's more like a BlackBerry coma.

Part of me hopes the thing will just go on to the place where good BlackBerrys go when they've served their time here on earth. Because I want a Droid. But part of me mourns the passing of this devise that has been attached to me like nothing else in my life.

It holds my contacts, my emails, my phone numbers, my facebook, my calendar, my GPS, my Kindle app, some games, some pictures... You get the idea.

This little mini computer with a pink Dooney & Bourke cover has never left my side. It's like losing a good friend.

And this event has pulled me kicking and screaming straight out of my funk. My sabbatical is over. Because I can't connect with the world, I feel I must. And therein lies the paradox.

The good news: I'm back to my creative outlet that allows me to also keep up with friends and family. The bad news: I'm back to my creative outlet that allows me to also keep up with friends and family.

Hmmm... Maybe I'm still just a little in my funk...

But now it's minus my BlackBerry... *sigh*

Hi ho, Hi ho, It's off to Verizon I go...

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Jason said...

I'm on my 4th Blackberry Curve because of various problems. I want a Droid too. :(