Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Monday

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Monday is typically not my favorite day of the week anyway. But today was my own personal example of why Monday's stink. By the end of the day, I could have been the topic of a country music song. I will be glad when I crawl into bed and set my alarm for tomorrow!

First, my alarm, though set, did not go off. Thus, I had some extra zzz's, which evidently I needed. However, it did not make my dash to work go any more smoothly.

Then, when I did get ready to leave, I decided I'd snarf down my breakfast in the car to save time. HA. Half way to work a huge blob of peanut butter and jelly landed on my right boob and splatted over into my lap. So I turned around to change.

After I changed, I couldn't get the animals inside. They had gone AWOL from the fenced in back yard. So I whistled and wandered around the neighborhood until a little white dog and big orange cat appeared, looking as though they were surprised to see me.

The animals back inside, I tried to leave again. No keys. Anywhere.

Now how did I lose my keys? I just came home with them...

Finally I found them in the pocket of the pants that had the peanut butter and jelly blob on them. Of course.

I was going to work. An hour late. But I was going to work...



Yes, I was in a car wreck.

My kids had played with my sunglasses, leaving a big smudge of yuck all over the lenses. So, while at a red light, I was trying to clean them off.

In my peripheral vision I saw the car next to me go. So, I did what I never ever do: I went, too- without looking up first.

Everyone is okay. My car is (relatively) okay. But I'm fried. And totally mad at myself for being so stupid. I haven't been in a car wreck I caused since I was sixteen. It's probably been at least ten years since I was in any kind of car wreck.

I wanted to cry to the police officer and the other drivers, "I am a defensive driver, darn it!"

Fortunately, they were very understanding. But I still felt bad and apologized profusely.

I made it to work. Two hours late. I got my work done. Then I came home.

Like I said, I can't wait for bed tonight. Tuesday has GOT to be better!... Right???
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