Tuesday, August 24, 2010


White MacBook laptopImage via WikipediaMy Apple Macbook laptop had a small crack in the case. It ran fine. It did everything I needed it to do. And I loved/love it!

Hubby was concerned about the crack. He wanted to make sure it didn't turn into a hole. And I decided he was probably right since a hole would involve some of my keys falling into the laptop. Probably not a very easy way to use a computer.

We packed it up and carried it down to BestBuy. I reverently placed it in the hands of their very capable Geek Squad and waited for their diagnosis.

They said the condition was beyond their expertise and they would need to send it off. I was nervous. I felt like I was sending a child off without my guardianship.

Then they said it would probably be two weeks. Two weeks? Without my laptop? Yikes. My life is in that thing.

Hubby had the foresight to back it up for me- just in case they decided to do something that would erase everything on it. But the back up is one of those little external memory devices.

My husband's antiquated computer is about as effective as a paper weight. (You can actually hear the little hamsters spinning on their wheels trying to make the thing go.) So trying to get anything from the back up to his computer is futile.

My kids' computers are all netbooks. They are not very viable resources for retrieving information either. Not to mention that hubby has installed some sort of safety software to keep the kids out of trouble. However, it will barely allow me to google anything, much less get on any kind of website to use any information I might need.

My best bet is my work computer. But then I feel guilty. Even though I'd be off the clock.

So for the time being, I'm retrieving my emails and checking Facebook from my BlackBerry phone. I'm blogging from Hubby's computer. And I'm writing everything else long-hand on a tablet of paper with a pen.

This is going to be the longest two weeks in the history of earth. So, please bear with me if you are looking for something from me. Be assured I'm not ignoring you. I just can't get to you. :(

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