Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where have all the dust bunnies gone?

I want to be one of those girls who have NO dust bunnies. I have a friend who has no dust bunnies. It makes me so jealous to see how beautiful her house always is.
She has dinner on the table at 5:30. And she can find anything in her house- because it's clean!
I would also like to write stories and be a published, famous author. And I would love to have my own spa line. My dream would be to have a facility that housed all sorts of fine arts, including dance, singing, music, arts, various crafts for kids and adults.
Unfortunately, (or possibly fortunately) I am actually one of those girls who is in the car shuttling kids back and forth for the majority of the day. Or going to a meeting to determine the best time for the next meeting. Or going to Wal-mart for the third time that day because I forgot the milk the first two times.
I'm also the girl who buys Lunchables on the way to school because I forgot there was a field trip. I vacuume around the furniture when guests come- so the floor looks good...
but the dust bunnies are still lurking...
We eat dinner in the car on the way to PTO, church council, or volunteer meetings. The birthday gifts for the many birthday parties have to be wrapped in the trunk of the mini van in the driveway of the party.
But it's okay.
I'll take dust bunnies over an empty house any day!
Someday things will calm down & the dust bunnies will be swept away.
But for now, I'm enjoying the craziness of being a family who enjoys doing things together. We like helping people by working on committees. We like socializing. And we have fun.
Someday the dust bunnies WILL be gone.
But our memories will be full of being together.

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