Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids Know All...

I was taking cupcakes to school for my child's birthday, and went to the ladies' room. When I turned the corner, there were to young girls who looked simultaneously surprised and guilty to see an adult walk in. They both overcorrected whatever it was they were doing and became sickenly sweet and polite. I smiled at them and went into the next stall.

I could see between the door and the door frame into the bathroom. The girls broke into embarassed, silent giggles, and stole glances at my stall door. Then they quickly exited the bathroom.

Now, I know these girls were doing nothing more harmful than perhaps splashing water on one another. Or maybe talking about a teacher. There was no evidense of anything illegal or immoral. It appeared to all just be fun between two friends.

But the thing that cracked me up about the whole thing was that the kids acted like they had really pulled one over on me. I really wanted to walk out and say, "Hey, girls, I know I'm not young like you- but that's exactly the point. I have been exactly where you are. I'm not as stupid as you think I am."

I want to say that to my kids, too. When they roll their eyes at me, or get that glazed look when they aren't paying attention. They huff at me and say, "You don't understand." (Translation: you aren't cool. And you just don't get it.)

But I DO get it. I've been there! As adults, we've all been there. But kids somehow believe that they are the first ones to ever have had the experience.

And I know I did it to my parents, too. I distinctly remember thinking "They just don't understand!!!!"

If I only knew then what I knew now- maybe I would have listened. Maybe I would have actually considered taking their advice instead of going the complete opposite direction (in some cases).

But I was a kid- and since I was a kid- the chances are I would have giggled, looked at my friend, and run out of the bathroom, too...

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