Sunday, January 13, 2008

What are you wearing???

Why are bikinis out in the stores in the middle of January??? Has noone looked outside and realized that there is SNOW on the ground???
OK- let's say for argument's sake that we are preparing all the snowbirds who go to the beach for their annual treck. But I just have to ask: Why do they even make bikinis over a size 10?
It is painfully apparent to me that the vast majority of the people have no ability to monitor themselves in regards to appropriate clothing for their size.
Case in point: "muffin tops". The hip-hugger pant revolution looked great for women who wore the right size. However, even thin girls who got the pants too tight looked like they had a roll over the waste band. Then, add the cropped tops to show off the tummies, and voila'! A great big roll of fat hanging over the pants. (yum)
Ladies, just because you can't see what kind of load you're pulling behind you, doesn't mean we can't. Please, do us all a favor: look in a mirror!
I will never be "Twiggy" (Kate Moss for the younger generation). But I know my limits. I know that tailored looks "together" "sophisticated" and "thin". Oversized looks "sloppy" "thrown together". But "too tight" SCREAMS "Help! I'm a fat person in a skinny person's clothing, and I can't get out!"
Moral of the story: Leave the muffins at the bakery & find some clothes that fit!

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