Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I LOVE my friends! I do NOT know what I would do without them! They laugh with me, and sometimes at me. They cry with me, and sometimes for me. But they are always there for me!

I am especially appreciative of that small circle of friends with whom I trust the most private details of my life. Who else could put up with such a "Perky Polyanna" with occasional tendencies to be a great, big, catty, mouthy, tacky, potty-talking diva?

We each understand anything we say that starts with "Bless their heart," is technically NOT a slam. It's merely an observation, with good, Southern Belle intentions tacked on.

We also know that we can say ANYTHING to each other, as long as we end with, "...and you know I mean this in the nicest way possible..."

My BFF is someone whom I have only known for a couple of years, but feels like a long-lost sister. She and I have our own code for talking- both good and bad. And we both have a long-standing love affair with words: word games, writing, reading, anything to do with words and language.

We also share the same faith, which is huge for me. Over my life, I have had many friends whom I loved, but we always agreed to disagree about matters of faith and the heart. I feel truly blessed to have a friend with whom I can talk about God, faith and the bible. But also be comfortable enough to go on a long tangent about something I'm upset about, and not feel judged or stupid.

Friends make us stronger. They help us keep our sanity when the family stretches us too thin. They have the unique perspective to understand family crisis's from an outside point of view. They encourage us when we diet, but share a scoop of ice cream with us when we just HAVE to cheat.

I watch my children as they form friendships with kids from school, church and our neighborhood. I would love to meddle and "fix" everything. But I realize that the thing that makes the friendship grow is the journey: the ups, the downs, the joys, the pains.

I'm delighted my children each have a bff, but also other good friends. And I am forever grateful that they have each other.

I know that they, like I, will change and grow as the years go by. I hope they will continue these friendships, and add new ones.

But above all, I hope they will know that, as adults, I long to be their friends. Right now, I know I'm their parent. I can love them, play with them, listen to them, confide in them. But I can NOT be their best friend. My job is to be their parent.

When they are older, out of the house, and making a family of their own, I can finally make the change to "friend." And how exciting that will be! Because I have really neat kids. Even if I weren't related to them, they would be someone I would like and want to know.

Despite the fact that it is so cliche', friends are a treasure. And I am exceedingly blessed to have all of those dear people whom I call "friend."

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Aww - you almost made me cry!! That was very good and very sweet!