Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hair of the Dog

No rest for the weary...

We're "dog sitting" my brother's dog this weekend. He (the dog) is an all black Poodle/Maltese mixture. When he lays down it's hard to tell which end is the front, and which is the back.

He is full of energy and spunk and he LOVES people.

He also loves our dog, a tiny Shiz Tsu/Maltese mix. They romp and play all over the house together like siblings.

In fact, every inch of my sofa is currently wet from dog slobber. Gross.

My brother & sis-in-law keep much earlier hours than we do at our house. So their sweet puppy is used to his morning constitution at about 4:30 AM. I was able to have him hold out until 5:30, but then he was insistent in getting outside and doing his business.

I'm certain any neighbor who witnessed us lapping the neighborhood would have been completely amused to see a disheveled, sleepy women, sleep walking around the block with two high-strung, spastic dogs, wagging their tails wildly because "it was just so fun to be out"!

The two dogs alternately stopped, sniffed, dragged, peed, pooped, ran, sat, and sniffed some more- and never at the same time. For most of the "walk" around the block, I was tied up in leashes, and afraid I would fall flat on my face.

The morning was gorgeous! The sun was just peeking up over the neighborhood. It was just the right, pleasant temperature. The birds were beginning to chirp.

These are not usually things I'm privy to, as the sun is well overhead by the time I usually descend the stairs. So this morning was a rare treat.

Now, when I say "rare treat", I mean as in, "No-way-would-I-ever-be-up-this-freakin-early-if-it-wasn't-for-the-fact-that-that-crazy-dog-was-barking-and-whining-so-I-couldn't-sleep-and-I-was-afraid-what-kind-of-condition-my-den-would-be-in-if-I-left-him-there-any-longer."

I really don't care which way you slice it: I am NOT a morning person. Two diet cokes later, I'm able to function (sort of). But generally speaking, my motor doesn't start running until at least 9:00 AM.

I would LOVE to be a morning person, who gets up, exercises, does some chores, has a bible study, gets ready, and then wakes their family to a new and glorious day.

However, the closest I'll come to that, is getting ready "enough" so that I don't have to apply my make up in the car on the way to work. (That totally excludes eating breakfast as I drive, as that is something of a daily habit for me, going on my third diet coke.)

So, now it is almost 8:00 AM. The dogs have exhausted themselves from wrestling all over the den (under my supervision, lest we have a potty problem). And, it's too late for me to go back to bed, because I have WAY to much to do today. But, hey, good news: the dogs are sleeping.

So, I'm going to go finish getting ready, and hopefully make it to the store and back before my family even knows I've been gone. Oh- did I mention that my adorable family slept through everything so far this morning? Oh, yes. While I was hissing from the top of the stairs, "BE QUIET. DON'T YOU DARE WAKE UP THE KIDS, YOU CRAZY DOGS!!!," the family was blissfully unaware of anything other than sweet, cozy dreams in their very own beds.

The (hoped for) trade off is that hubby will feel (a little) sorry for me, and (possibly) be pretty helpful today (no promises).

As I listen to the whole house sleep, it is rather nice to have some quiet time to myself. I just wish it wasn't quite so early, and that I had gotten a little bit more sleep.

Oh well, in a little while, the dogs and I will lap the neighborhood again. But this time, I won't look quite so scary for the neighbors. And maybe hubby will be waiting for me at home with a diet coke in hand, just for me...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Uh - remind me to sit in the chair next time I'm over - not the couch!!! The sunrise is gorgeous each morning!!!