Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Done...

VBS is OVER!!! Now, I know you will miss my rhetoric about all the fun we've been having eating pudding and making slime. But I promise, the world is a better place now that VBS 2008 is over.

"Always leave them wanting more," I've always heard. And we kind of did. Everyone left today with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts. We walked on water, had water balloon fights, made rubber bouncing balls, sang and danced and -basically- had a great time.

But I have to say, I was exhausted today. My kids were, too. We all took voluntary naps when we got home- and that's saying something for a 6, 8 & 11 year old.

My Co-Director/BFF and I both fessed up to momentarily considering volunteering again next year. But we were strong for each other and agreed to go back to Snack Girls-- or possibly just Registration Helpers-- next year.

Of course, I must say, our sixty-five or so kids simply pales in comparison to the church across the street. That church is a mega-church in every sense of the word. They have quite a few sanctuaries, offering various styles of church services going on simultaniously. They have an entire sports complex that rivals the YMCA. And they had over 1,700 kids in their church this week for their VBS.

EEK!!! I can not begin to imagine what our lives would have been like with 1,700 kids! But, I guess it stands to reason that they would have almost 30 times as many kids as we do, since we could fit our church into theirs about 30 times...

We would have had slime that would make Nickelodean proud. Endless buckets of the stuff!!!

But, my kids got to be with their friends. We got to see our team leaders mature as the week went by. We practically knew every single child because there were only 65 to know. We were able to take special care of kids with special needs. Even our little ones who will make fine magicians one day, what with all of their attempted disappearing acts during the week, were able to be sufficiently chased and contained.

In the end, though, we were pleased with the week. We enjoyed ourselves. And we're glad to move on to the rest of the summer.

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Are you sure we don't want to do it just one more time?? I mean can't you just all the areas we can improve on . . . . AAAAAGHH! Sorry, brain lapse - I am going to go get some caffeine and relive the moment we "lost" Joshua, Peyton crawled under the alter and we realized we had no glue for the Rez Dolls ...