Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relax, Mom's In Charge

Whatever your personal political views, you know the name Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party in our most recent vote. And no matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, or other political affiliation, you have to admire the gumption of a wife/mother who wants to serve the country in a position of such great responsibility.
I do have to say, though, I totally get her desire to make changes. Every day I see things that make me want to take over not just the country, but the world. I just want to take the planet by the shoulders, shake it and say, "What are you thinking????"
How does it make any sense that AIG is asking for MORE bail-out money for corporate bonuses, but I know several middle class families who are upstanding, wonderful people, whose main bread-winner has been out of work for over ten months. The rich should not be penalized for making money- it's part of the American dream, but the mega-rich really can be mega-gross in their over-indulgence (Who needs five homes, a couple of yahts, lots of cars and tons of other stuff only seen on MTV Cribs or LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous?). How can they feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror?
I have a friend whose boss is currently taking advantage of the current economy to try to extort more hours and more work. Instead of looking out for his employees and understanding family emergencies and the need for off time, he has threatened my friend with the loss of her job. I would love to be in charge for a day and go up to that boss and thunk him in the forehead. What a goober!
We have good friends who would/could be the best parents ever. However, they struggle with infertility. Enter the grand world of "supply and demand." Young children and babies are practically sold. Adopting a child from another country is sometimes easier than adopting one here. Why can't the moneys raised for pro-choice & pro-life be used to house women who want to anonymously give their baby up for adoption?
All these folks who want a financial bail-out? Sorry. No can do. If you can't handle a multi-million dollar company, why would I give you more money to dump down the pot??? Or, if I do give the company some money, the lunk-heads who put them in the situation in the first place, would NOT be allowed anywhere near a leadership position ever again!
Frivolous law suits? Not on my watch!
The stereotypical government workers? Not any more. If you want to get paid, you have to work more than 20 minutes a week.
Education would be important. Welfare would be a way to give people a leg up- but it would have requirements that actually encouraged people to stand on their own two feet- and, it would have an end. Every bill would be able to be line-item vetoed, so that the "extra" fluff couldn't make it through piggy-backing on whatever media-hyped issue was.
People would be held responsible for their actions instead of finding ways to place the blame, and never changing or making amends for their actions. Prisons would be self-sufficient, with inmates making their own clothing, their own food, and taking care of themselves, instead of playing in gymnasiums, watching cable TV, having conjugal visits, getting free educations and having the ability to make money while living on the government's dime.
I would quit giving other countries our money, who hate and try to hurt us. I would try to make the United Nations an actual functional group, who actually helped the world.
There would be many more things I would do in my 24 hours of reign. But the very last thing I would do would be a little bit selfish: I would arrange for two weeks in some fabulously exotic, warm island location with my family. I would spend those two weeks playing with the family, relaxing, reading and writing.
Then I would come back to my perfect world, and make sure another mom is in charge, putting the bad guys in time out, and rewarding the good guys with extra cookies and milk. After all, Mom knows best!

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