Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Hubby is out of town... again.

The kids miss him... again.

I miss him... again.

And it does not appear that this traveling will slow down.

The kids are particularly angst-y (if that's even a word) when they are tired. So first thing in the morning, and right before bed the kids are on melt-down mode. Nothing is right because daddy isn't home. Nothing will be good ever again- until daddy gets home.

Every decision I make is questioned. "Can I call dad and ask him?"

Uh, no. I can make a decision without your father, and here's my answer.

Even the dog looks a little lost without dad.

Worst of all, I am not the motivator in this family. The task-master (and I mean that in the fondest way possible) is definitely hubby. My idea of the perfect day is sleeping in late, going out for brunch, doing a little shopping, maybe getting a spa treatment, going out for dinner, then going to a movie, then coming home and going to bed.

Hubby's idea of the perfect day is far different. He would like to get up before the sun rises and get going (no time for breakfast- too much to do!). The day would consist of project after project that involved manual labor and sweating like a pig. Finally, around dinner, he would announce he was going to die from hunger, jump in the car, pick up a burger, eat it on the way home, then go back to work. He would finally pack it in when he could no longer physically move. He would take a shower and pass out into deep coma in bed.

I have written list after list. But all I've succeeded in doing is writing the lists.

Knowing that hubby gets home Sunday will be a motivator, though. Before he gets home I would like to have the lawn mowed, the laundry caught up and some more painting done. (I want to gag just thinking about it all...)

Now, if you need someone to plan a party, bring a dinner to a sick friend, make a spread sheet or organize an event, call me! I have energy enough for twelve people. And I won't eat, sleep or go to the bathroom until I'm done.

I guess that's why hubby and I compliment each other so well: I may have the original plan, but he makes sure it gets carried out. And when he's working, I enjoy working by his side.

I know there are many times when we all get frustrated and wonder what on earth God was thinking when He created two opposite sexes; Surely life would be easier if He had just stuck with one!

But this is one of those times when I thank God for His ultimate genius for balancing each sex out with the other. Hubby is the ying to my yang.

And all of us will be very excited to have him home!

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