Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Night of Breaking Dawn

Last night BFF and I attended the release of the newest of the "Twilight" series, "Breaking Dawn." We discovered that we are not the only nerds in town that had nothing better to do on a Friday night at midnight than go to a new release and get fake tattoos of vampire bites on our necks. In fact, we were number 126 and 127 in line. I never did find out how high up the numbers went.

We had been to September's beforehand and had cocktails. I guess that sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? But our cocktails involved a martini (or two), a long island iced tea (I like to get my money's worth), and a shot of tequila (my first and last ever).

Needless to say, Barnes and Noble was a hoot! We discovered some other women that were around our age and hung out with them for a little while, trying not to notice that almost every other person in there could have technically been our children. To "blend in," the ladies and we decided to use "code names" (as if that somehow camouflaged our gray hair and wrinkles). I was KiKi and BFF was Bambi.

Our pre-party activities made it so that we alternated between our code names and real names. Every time we slipped up with our real names, we would collapse into a pile of giggles, and got strange sideways glances from the teenybopper set.

We actually saw quite a few people that we knew, and tried very hard to be "cool," considering our state of mind. Even in our states, we knew we were incredibly unsuccessful.

As we waited in our lines, "Bambi" and I huddled together, our state of mind making us feel confessional (again). Here we were in the middle of Barnes and Noble at midnight on a Friday night, buzzed and giggly, whispering (probably much more loudly than we thought) all the secrets that two housewives with children and no lives other than our families have. Mostly, we confessed to how much we liked the lead character, Edward, of the book we were reading, and how our husbands infuriate us by leaving socks in the middle of the floor. (Really juicy stuff.)

We had another young woman tell us about another series she was reading about vampires. Normally, I would have said, "You know, I never imagined I would enjoy reading about vampires, but I loved this series. But you know what, I think one series about vampires is enough. Thanks, though." But since I was feeling happy and sexy, I believed another vampire series sounded dangerous and kind of "bad". So BFF and I flounced over to the section that should have held our "new favorite author." It wasn't there.

It was in the Science Fiction section. Another alarm went off that I blatantly ignored. (This morning I am beginning to wonder what we actually purchased...)

BFF (ever the purist) got the first book in the series. The young woman said that the series got really "saucy" in the sixth book. So, I (impatient) got the sixth book. BFF was very disappointed in me, but got over it as soon as I told her I'd loan her the book when I was done.

Suddenly, we were at the check out, purchased our new vampire book and "Breaking Dawn" and were walking out to meet our hubbies.

When we got home, my youngest, Amy, crawled up in my lap and admired my tattooed bite marks.

"Did you read the book yet?" Keith questioned.

"Well, no. It's over 700 pages," I explained, now feeling completely back to "normal."

Amy scrunched up her nose at me and asked, "Mommy, did you have martinas?"

"Hmm?" I asked.

"You know- martinas. Those things you drink in the funny looking glasses."

"Oh," realization struck. "Martinis. Yes, I did. Why?"

"You smell like them," she said, almost apologetically.

I was beginning to guess my "calm, cool and collected" routine in Barnes and Noble did not go nearly as well as I thought while we were there.

"Do I smell... bad?" I ventured.

"No, mommy. You smell like mommy," Amy answered.

Hmm. Is that good? Or does mommy smell like martinis way too often???

"Honey, mommy doesn't usually smell like martinis, do I?"

"No," she smiled at me like I was making a joke. "I smell your perfume and the martinis. You always smell like perfume, though."


Kids in bed. Hubby in bed. I was getting ready for bed.

I quietly snuck "Breaking Dawn" into the bathroom with me. Hubby called, "Are you ok?"

"Mmm-hmmm," I called back.

Just one chapter... Man I have a problem! It's 2:00 AM... But, just one chapter...

I read the first chapter, feeling victorious for having gone to get the book, purchasing it and reading it. Then I quietly set it to the side and climbed into bed with hubby.

Happily, the cocktails didn't bother me and I slept soundly.

This morning I felt like I was moving under water, but I wasn't necessarily feeling bad. I talked to "Bambi" and she said she was well, too.

So we go on with our day. I (as usual) have too much to do and not enough time to do it. But I WILL manage to sneak in Edward in "Breaking Dawn" for the next 700 pages. I hope this will answer all the questions the first three books posed, and that there is some closure. I don't know if I could take another new release for another book.

Last night was way fun! But I'm too old to have that much fun too often. About as wild as I can get these days is a glass of wine with a game of Scrabble. Sad but true.

I need to get going on my ever-growing "to do" list. As it is, I will never finish it all. I really wish I had vampire speed. That would definitely make things go more quickly. But since I'm a mere mortal, I guess I'll do what I can do with what I have.

And I'll look forward to Edward tonight...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Edward is THE best! I just can't believe you didn't bob for apples like I did - and that you tried taking my picture on the sly while I was doing it - Hmmm - would that have been a Facebook surprise?