Friday, March 28, 2008

And Our Next Guest Is...

While exploring the idea of people spilling their guts out on national television on game shows and talk shows, I began to wonder about being a guest on a talk show. To what show would I like to be invited? And to what topic would I like to respond?

I like the political shows- to a degree. But when they start getting blustery and self-appreciating, I turn them off. The same could really be said of most of the day time shows. Oprah usually does a good job of giving guests equal time. But the late night hosts generally have the most control over the content. I suppose that could be because they tend to stick to celebrities, and the day time shows delve into the "average Joe" and whatever human tragedy they are willing to air.

In fact, night time shows tend to be mostly an advertisement for celebrities' movies, music and other merchandising. But at least they are fun and look good.

Oprah kind of has a genre all unto herself. She takes the reporting aspect of a morning show, but takes out the news. She sticks to a particular topic throughout. She's really done a nice job of polishing up her product. She has guests all the way across the gamut- from celebrities to anomalies to the "average Joe". But she helps them all be presented to America and the world in such a way as to have them look good and sound intelligent.

I definitely would not want to discuss politics or religion or money or sports, if asked onto a show. I would like to comment on a topic near and dear to my heart, like having a great family or friends. But I guess I really don't have a book or PhD behind my philosophies (yet!).

If experience could suffice as my credentials for commenting, I would talk about one of the following:

  1. Treating your spouse like your best friend makes for the best marriage

  2. Setting tangible, realistic boundaries for your children (and sticking to them) make them happy and healthy

  3. Reaching out to friends, and having several friends with whom you can share almost anything, is healthy and necessary

  4. Believing that God loves you the way you are, but wants you to be the best you can be- and trusting in His will makes you peaceful and happy

  5. Eating well and exercising regularly take care of most of your health care needs

  6. It's okay to have "treats" every now and then- so long as it's all in moderation

  7. Money is a tool, which, used correctly, can give you peacefulness

  8. If you don't take responsibility for your own actions, you shouldn't be allowed to "play"

  9. Too many people blame everyone else for their self-inflicted problems, and expect to be given hand outs

  10. Life is NOT a television show or movie: violence does kill; words are irrevocable and can hurt and do damage that is irreparable; no big problem has ever been solved effectively in thirty minutes with a full ten minutes of commercial breaks

I must admit, the idea of being whisked away to wardrobe and make up and then looking stunning on national television does sound thrilling. But, for now, I'm happy to be on the viewer side of the screen.

But, if David Letterman or Jay Leno ever call, I'll be ready...

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