Monday, March 31, 2008

Mother Nature is Bi-Polar

Here in Tennesse, Mother Nature is Bi-Polar. And I don't mean she rules the weather on either pole on the planet. I mean she is flat-out moody here.

Two weeks before Easter we were in shorts. I got my kids sleeveless dresses. Yep, you guessed it. Easter we saw temperatures not get much above 40 degrees.

This past New Years Day only warranted a light jacket. But we saw snow showers during Spring Break.

Tennessee boasts weather that allows you to wear snow gear and shorts in the same day. The best you can hope for when you dress in the morning is that you are close.

I've learned to layer me and my kids. Light weight pants, short sleeve top, a sweater and a heavy jacket will get the job done most of the time. In cases of snow or extreme heat, the kids come home a little grouchy.

This past summer we cheered for the little pee wee football players in 108 degree heat. Tennessee heat is not dry heat. It's muggy, swampy, humid, hot heat. And we all felt like we were held captive under a large, wet, hot blanket for weeks on end.

Between the interesting array of plant life we have here and the unconventional, spurratic weather, this area of the country has the worst allergy record. Television, radio and print ads are constantly giving advice on how to breathe without feeling groggy. Some work. Some may as well be sugar pills.

This weekend was warm enough for the girls to get out their summer boxes and rummage through them to see what still fit from last year. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain and be cold in the morning, but nice and sunny & warm in the afternoon...
But I don't count on it staying that way...

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