Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bad Mommy

Today I was a bad mommy. Not like felon bad. Just not as good as I usually try to be.

Today when the kids asked questions, I wanted to find their "off" button. When they whined, I wanted to run to the mall for some retail therapy. When they begged, I wanted to scream.

These are the days that there isn't enough prozac in the world to make me better. I just need to go take a long, hot bath, eat some chocolate, watch some bad television, maybe read some trash magazine, and take a nap.

I hate it when I get like this. I like "fun mommy," who makes cookies & plays playdough & thinks her kids are "just the best thing EVER!" Instead, I'm "funk mommy," in a grumpy funk, who barely supresses sighs & screams.

These are the days that the guilt monster rears its ugly head, reminding me that "kids grow up so fast," and "soon, they won't be here to get on your nerves, and you'll missing them every minute."

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll wake up sans grumpy funk & guilt monster. I would like to go back to being "happy mom," who loves every moment- even the bad ones- with her kids...

For now, it's off to bed...

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