Saturday, March 29, 2008


We got a Wii for Easter. I am very sore from playing the wii.

My son's fitness age is 26. My fitness age is 76. He is not sore from playing the wii.

I am amazed at how user friendly the wii actually is. Once we got it "on", I was able to manuver around on it & figure it out (and that's saying something!). It's also very forgiving. In a normal baseball game, if I were to hold the bat there would be a tremendous number of variables that would determine where the ball went (if I was actually able to hit it). With the wii, as long as your timing works out, you can pretty much swing any way you want, and the wii counts it as a hit.

Kids & adults of all ages can play with little or no problems. It's also great because you can compete against yourself, the wii, or other friends/family. It has been a lot of fun!

I'm anxious to see other games with the wii. Maybe there will be a game where I can eat all I want and not gain weight, or spend all I want and not go broke. (I'm already trying to play both of those games & losing!)

The truly cool thing about the wii is that it is something everyone in the family can play- and we can play together. In my book, that's huge! All of the hand-held games and ipods leave everyone else out. Some of the play station games require too much skill and end up being a source of frustration. The wii allows for error, so it's not too easy. But it also is forgiving enough that you don't want to throw it across the room.

My husband wants to get us all shirts that say "I didn't join the Y, I joined the Wii." I also like "I'm part of the Wii generation". Either way, I'm sure this is a game we will enjoy for years to come!

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