Thursday, March 27, 2008

Truth or Dare...

There is a new show out this season called "The Moment of Truth." If you haven't seen it, the premise is that the contestant is asked personal questions and they are to answer truthfully "yes" or "no". A computer voice comes on verifying that they told the truth (presumably some sort of lie detector) and if they have, indeed, told the truth, they win money. Each question is more personal and worth more money.

Many of the questions are more personal than something I would share with some of my close friends- certainly not something I would broadcast on national television. And yet, with the age of the talk show hosts airing everyone's dirty laundry, this is just a new verse to an old song.

Several women have revealed through various questions that they have wished they did not marry their spouse, that they've wished their spouse was more attractive, and even that they have cheated. I can't imagine which would be worse: the contestant having to reveal their answer, or their spouse whose face is also splashed across the television screen, having to watch.

My question is: Why???? Why does someone want to watch this train wreck? Worse yet, why would someone want to be a contestant or their loved one on this show???

If you haven't told your husband he's not the father of your child in the privacy of your home, is it really wise to do it on national television? What are you possibly hoping to gain from this? If you make it to the highest level, after trashing everything and everyone you know, and you make the paltry amount of money offered for doing such, all you could possibly ever glean from this is proof positive for the divorce attorney as to why you should never receive alimony!

Is America really so starved for trash that we gleefully watch the beauty queen admit that she rigged a beauty contest or that the All-American blond has a thing for her husband's sister? Does the national news not hold enough punch for us???

I can barely watch the clips they show to advertise the show. I will have to "tell the truth" and say, "I have never watched an entire show." So, if there is some redeeming value, I have missed it. But I just have no need to watch supposedly fairly stable people knowingly and purposefully destroy their entire lives!

I hope that this show is very short-lived. I know that there will be another equally sick show lurking somewhere closely behind it. But I think it's pretty obvious that people have a hard enough time making good decisions about their personal lives. We really don't need shows like this to take it to the next level!

If you want to watch a train wreck, watch Celebrity Big Brother. They have professional make up artists who make them look decent. And they're paid well to do what they do. And they're actors- they get paid to be a mess...

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