Monday, September 15, 2008

Chinese Fire Drill

Today was one of those days that made me wonder how people with more than three children do it. I think I went seven different directions all day.

I had to get lunch money to school before going to work. Then we played "Where's the cheer uniform?" up until we had to get Keith to flag football, right before piano lessons, and, finally, cheer practice. Yes, my head is spinning. Yes, I am ready for bed.

We have set up some new ground rules for scheduling. Hopefully, that will head some of the craziness off at the pass. But, really I kinda' doubt it.

Three kids, two adults, a dog, a hamster, three jobs, cheer, flag football, Titans football season tickets, church, school, PTO, Book Club, and all the other things we do make scheduling a virtual nightmare. But, it's also what makes it fun.

I love organizing and scheduling. Now, I have my own personal excel spread sheet for our family.

I hope that we can find our silly shorts before next week. I hope that Keith can pull together a flag football schedule that gives more advance warning than 15 minutes. And I hope we all can get some good sleep tonight.

Because today is only Monday. We've got four more days to go. And this is hubby's birthday weekend...

And I wish all parents with more than three children the best of luck. I can't even begin to imagine...

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