Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Morning After

My poor, poor dog is laying in an exhausted puddle on the couch. She was the main attraction for my 9 year-old's slumber party. Every child wanted to hold her. She was passed around all night long, and sometimes even tugged in several different directions. Through it all, she was a good sport and allowed the nine 8 & 9 year-olds to pet, tug and "love" on her all night long.

My 9 year-old had a blast! She and her friends had a slumber party. First, let me say that "slumber party" is a complete misnomer! There was little to no "slumber" involved. In fact, I think the main goal was anti-slumber. Regardless, they had fun.

The theme this year was "Chinese New Year." So we had fruit set out to munch on while we ordered Chinese take-out. Then we had Chinese buffet, complete with chop sticks. We had present-opening. We decorated flip flops, then it was time for "sweet sushi."

Sweet Sushi is made with rice crispy treats, fruit roll ups, twizzlers, zingers and twinkies. The girls smashed and rolled and smushed until we had cute little sushi rolls, worthy of Martha Stewart (well, almost). We stuck a candle in a twinkie roll and sang "Happy Birthday," complete with "cha-cha-cha's."

I settled the kids to watch Loonie Tunes. As awful as it is, none of the kids (save mine) had watched Loonie Tunes. They had a vague idea of whom Bugs Bunny was. But they had no clue about Yosimite Sam or Marvin the Space Martian. What kind of sad world do we live in that children aren't raised on Loonie Tunes??? I, for one, am doing my part to change that. Starting with Emma's slumber party...

I finally trudged upstairs and got ready for bed around midnight. I stood at the top of the stairs a couple of times issuing warnings and threats for the noise level. Finally, all was quiet.

Until 6:00 AM. Emma has some friends who are apparently very early risers. I got breakfast going and the girls continued to play and have fun.

From 9:30 - 11:30 friends started leaving. Each girl was hugged tightly and all the girls left behind called after them, "Goodbye! I wish you didn't have to leave!"

Over-all, I would say it was a complete success.

Keith spent the night with his cousin, and thus avoided the insane amounts of estrogen in our house. Amy went to Hannah's house, so to not be banished to her room for the night by the "big" girls. Only hubby and I (and the dog and the hamster) were left to fend for the house against Emma and her friends.

Keith and Amy both (independently) offered gifts to Emma this morning (her actual birth day). Keith had made a great card. Amy gave her some toys she knew Emma liked, and even some toys that were already Emma's. But Emma was gracious and thanked them both profusely.

This afternoon we are trying to recover a little before we head off to another birthday party and then a wedding. Tomorrow we have church, hubby has a football game, then it's time for the family birthday party for Emma.

By the time this weekend is over, the dog will, hopefully, have recovered. For now, we're leaving her alone on the couch- very happy to be by herself.

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riceandbeanschic said...

hey there, it's me mawmedearest aka harkore mom aka riceandbeanschic...sorry had a blog identity crisis. anyway, loved this post bc not only did it remind me of the sleepovers I use to have, but you mentioned looney tunes!
I gre up with all of those characters and I agree that it is sad that today girls are growing up with da brats or whatever they are kudos to you for wanting to intro the classics!