Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Kind of Juice is That???

Today the family asked for tacos for lunch. I was overjoyed. Usually they have no opinion whatsoever except for what they don't want. And usually they voice that opinion after food has already been prepared.

I was putting together the taco meat, the beans, cheese, sour cream, etc, etc, etc, and the kids were helping set the table and pour drinks. We were quite the little family putting together our meal.

As I began stirring in the taco flavoring packet, Keith asked, "Mom, will this be the same kind of taco meat as Taco Bell?"

"Yes," I said. "I mean, I guess. It's ground beef..."

"Well, can you put the taco 'juice' in it?"

"Taco 'juice'???"

"Yeah. You know, when you bite into one of their tacos, the 'juice' squishes out. It's really good."

"Keith, do you mean salsa?"

"No, mom. It's 'juice'."

"I'm not sure I... wait... Do you mean the red 'juice' in the Taco Bell tacos?"

"Yeah! I love that stuff!"


"What?" hubby piped up.

"Keith wants 'taco juice'," I said.

"Huh? What's taco 'juice'?" hubby asked.

"The taco grease," I said, disgusted.

Hubby and I squished our noses up at each other. Keith looked from one of us to the other and asked, "What?"

"Honey, that's the grease from the ground beef. It looks red because it has that taco spice in it. The grease is not very good for you at all," I explained.

"Well, it tastes good," Keith shrugged and continued putting forks on the table.

The mere thought made my stomach turn. Yet another reason why I refuse to eat at Taco Bell: taco "juice."

There are other bi-products of food that are equally disgusting, if not more so. Top on my list is hot dog juice, which is the liquid in the package of the hot dogs. All I can think is that hot dogs are not necessarily made from the best quality cuts of meat. So, the bi-product of the liquid must be even more gross. Reminds me of when we were younger and had the "What's grosser than gross?" jokes.

The family ate together and we enjoyed the tacos as much as the company. Keith got his taco "juice," and the rest of the family passed on Keith's personal delicacy.

Now, I will admit I have not always been the most health-conscious parent. And since Keith is the first, he was subjected to terribly bad habits the longest. However, I have been making much more of an effort to incorporate healthy foods prepared in a healthy way.

Taco "juice" is, I hope, a throw-back from my less-healthy habits. I also hope that as we move forward, that taco "juice" will go the way of pop tarts for breakfast every morning, dessert at every meal (yes, even breakfast- think pastries and doughnuts) and bread or potatoes at every meal.

In fact, I am going to insist that from here on out- taco "juice" stays at Taco Bell... Now, if I can get them to eat vegetables... Is there such a thing as vegetable "juice"?...

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Jenny Girl said...

Lol. taco juice. Well, I have to admit I like TB not sure about the whole taco juice thing, but that is too funny...
btw, I did it again