Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Vacation is FABULOUS! Sun, sand, family. What a combination!

The kids are having a blast with their cousins. And I don't have to cook or clean (not that I do it that much at home anyway).

We have been down to Seaside for our yearly pilgrimage. We watched Sleeping Beauty (the play). What I wasn't counting on was having to learn a song and sing it back to them at their whim. Other than that, it was quite fun.

It was so hot today, that I actually had sweat dripping off my elbows and nose. But no one seemed to mind. We just swam around in the pool, enjoying the day.

We love watching my mom and dad with their decision-making- mostly because they are so bad at it. They sound like Chip -N- Dale from the cartoons: "No, you first." "No, you first." "No, I insist." "No, I insist..."

I've been very diligent about uploading my photos to my computer to keep my card empty & friends apprised of our vacationing. We sent postcards the first day to make sure we didn't beat them home.

Everyone in the family has gotten on the Wii, and I have the photos to prove it. Of course, my in-laws perpetually make us look bad by exercising for FUN several times a day.

Fortunately, Hubby & I round out the group to "keep us real". No exercising for us!!! I'll just sweat off of my elbows in the heat, thank you very much.

The kids got way too much sun today. They were absolutely wiped out by dinner. All my pictures prove it- if you can get over the fact that they almost look drugged. (Like we haven't thought of doing it before. But I can assure you, I wouldn't have photo proof.)

Tomorrow we will hit the beach again tomorrow. The kids will no doubt have fun. And so will we...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

This sounds was more fun than your text messages read!!! LOL