Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hot & Sticky in the South

Today is the kind of day that has made the South famous for its hot, sticky Summers. You can literally see the moisture hanging in the air. And the temperature feels about 15 degrees hotter just because of the humidity.

I can't imagine life without air conditioners- correction- central heat and air. I grew up with an air conditioning unit in our house. The room in which it was housed stayed so frigid you could hang meat. The further away you got from the room, the more you wondered why we had even bothered turning the unit on.

My children made a revelation last night at the mall: They asked, "Why, when it's hot outside, do they keep the mall so cold? But when it's cold outside, they keep the mall so hot?" Hmm. Good question.

Maybe it just feels so extreme inside, because it's also so extreme outside? Or maybe (probably more true) they keep the temperature inside to go with the clothing that the stores are selling...

After all, who wants to look at the new Fall wardrobes, complete with turtle necks, tights, wool coats and sweaters, when it's 100 degrees outside? Unless, we can make it 50 degrees inside? Pretty tricky, huh?

I stood in my closet with my hands on my hips looking at my clothes for a long time this morning. What on earth could I wear that was cool, yet professional? Finally I opted for some slacks and a short sleeved top, with sandals. But I knew better than to try to straighten my hair. This humidity will take my curls and twist them tight- no matter what kind of style I walk out the door with.

My children wanted to wear pants and long sleeves (because it was cold in our house). I had to finally lay down the law to get them to change into more suitable Summer attire.

They continued to grumble, shiver and whine-- until they walked outside. Then they took a deep breath (as deep as you can in a life-sized humidifier) and wiped their brows.

"It's HOT, mommy!" they reported.
"Yes, can you imagine if you had worn your long sleeves and pants?" I answered.
"Ewww," they replied, complete with wrinkled noses.

Early this morning, if you had gone outside at the right time, you would have seen a fog hanging just above the grass. It was the dew burning off from the morning sun. My dog was furious with me for getting her hot AND wet when she went for her morning constitution.

This evening it will cool down, but the air will still be thick with humidity. And the mosquitoes will be out in full force. The crickets will chirp their dissatisfaction with the weather, and folks will sit outside, trying not to move much and "oohing" and "aahing" at every little breeze.

Tomorrow we'll wake up and shiver in the cool house. Then when we step out for our newspapers, trash pick up and dog duties, we'll remember, "Oh yeah... It's Summer..."

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ThePrincessMommy said...

BUT I love the warm weather - it's not really so hot is it?? But I still don't like the stores making it cold in the summer and hot in the winter - I can never decided whether to just run into the store or take my jacket and lug it with me everywhere!