Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Child's Play

How do you know when you have a child who is inherently predisposed to getting in trouble? I haven't found any self-help books or child rearing books that give that information. I haven't seen a "Top 10" list or a Quiz that addresses this issue. So what's a mom to do?

Pray. Worry. Hope. Worry some more.

The reason I bring this up is because I have a six year old daughter that consistently says and does things that makes me wonder if I need to start a special savings account for therapy or even bail. She is as smart as a tack, funny, and absolutely full of energy. But, she also likes to wear glitter, streak through the house (and outside, if I would let her), and sing Christina Aguilaria songs at the top of her voice.

Today she informed me that she's already had her "first kiss"- at age 4- on the mouth (with a 3 year old boy). I just about threw up.

"Please don't kiss anyone else on the mouth."

"OK, yeah," she said. "I broke up with him, but we're still really good friends."

"OK. But please don't kiss ANYONE on the mouth."

"OK," she responded unconvincingly.

OMG! What next???

She already asked once if she could put glitter in her underpants (which I immediately, strongly vetoed). She also likes sparkly shoes, sparkly outfits, and dance music. She is not afraid to say whatever is on her mind, and will talk to absolutely anyone.

We have no family secrets, because she tells all- to whoever will listen. She told the man behind us at the grocery store that I was 39 and that her daddy fell through the ceiling.

My friends who also have girls her age may not admit it, but they are a little afraid of the things my daughter might (accidentally or purposefully) teach theirs. My friends laugh (uneasily) as they joke that my daughter will be the one who masterminds all the plans to sneak out, take the car and go out for mischief when they are older.

I laugh, too. But I often wonder if maybe they could be right.

I was never that adventurous growing up. So, I must confess that there is a small part of me that thinks being the same age as my daughter and chasing mischief with her would be a lot of fun.

But, as an adult and her parent, I worry about the consequences of whatever actions she has. I know that I couldn't (and still can't) go five miles an hour over the speed limit without getting caught. And my punishments and guilty conscious always far outweighed any fun I had getting in trouble.

So, what do I do with a six year old girl who likes glitter, dancing, perfume and acts more like she is 18 than 6? How do I convince her of the necessity of actually wearing clothing? And how do I ensure that she quits kissing boys on the mouth before she gets any older? How do I keep her fabulous spirit in tact, while keeping her on the "straight and narrow?"

Glitter aside, she gave 10' of her hair to Locks of Love (see She cried when WALL-E short-circuited in the movie. She loves all sorts of animals. And she gives the best hugs you have ever had.

But her more adventurous side is going to make me old way before my time.

So, I guess I continue to pray. Worry. Hope. And worry some more...

...And if you happen to see her streaking across your yard, please send her home.

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ThePrincessMommy said...

If she is streaking across my yard, I can only hope that 1) KE is not following right behind her 2)The neighbor boy is not home and 3) It didn't happen on my watch!!! LOL! She is a fabulous, albeit candid, child! We all love her!