Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Movie is Rated: STUPID!

How are there so many movies made that just flat-out stink? Some movies can fool you into thinking they're good, or at least tolerable. But by the end, all you have is 90 or so minutes of your life gone.

I know that movies cost a ton of money to make. Someone has to write it. The equipment costs money. The actors are quite costly. There's sound, ward robing, extras, location, props, and on and on. Then, of course, there is the never-ending stream of money pushed into the advertising and promotion of the movie.

So, who sits around and makes these decisions that a particular movie should be produced and then actually get someone to pay to have it made? Why in the world doesn't someone have the common sense to say, "NO!!! STOP!!!! This movie STINKS!!!!"

And the movie process is a long one. So there are tons of chances for someone to mention that the movie is a bomb. How does it get pushed all the way to the point that it makes it into the theaters, on the television and in the papers? How does no one say, "OMG! STOP IT!"

Are there possibly that many people who suck up to everyone involved that no one has the nerve to say "NO"?

So, hubby and I have resolved ourselves to only going to movies in the theaters when it's a sure "hit." Considering the price of movie tickets, concessions and babysitters, we hate wasting money on stupid movies.

Anything we aren't completely sure about, we wait for the DVD. Even then, sometimes the movies are too much to tolerate all the way through. We try to be optimistic: surely it will get better. When it doesn't get better, I can only wish I could turn back the clock and leave the stupid movie at the store.

I understand Hollywood is a strange land that runs a very strange business with some very strange people. But some of the movies make me question how far out of touch with reality either I or Hollywood really is.

I realize I live in the "Bible Belt" and that my outlook can sometimes be a little skewed. But am I that far away from California and Hollywood that our total belief system is the complete antithesis of Hollywood?

Really, how is it OK, or even "good," to actually show a rape scene, to have children say all manners of cuss words, to show torture, death, and numerous other absurdities, all in the name of "art"???? And then there are those movies that just truly suck without any help from gross plot or language.

We just watched a really bad movie. Some movie with Michael Keaton that involves baseball and theatre. It wasn't necessarily the worst movie we've ever watched; that would be the movie "Crash" with James Spader, Holly Hunter and some others. It was about people who got "turned on" by being IN violent car crashes. There was absolutely nothing redeeming about that movie.

I should probably keep a list of bad movies- if only to warn others. But truly, I just want to forget them. And I want all of the "yes" people involved in the making, production, distribution and promotion of each movie to be sentenced to watching their movie over and over until they finally stand up and say, "OMG! THAT IS AWFUL!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!"

But I guess that wish can only ever be fulfilled in Hollywood... Maybe in a movie... sigh...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Yes, let's make a list - add Wall-E to it, along with The Rose and the Burbs. What else????? Oh yeah - how about that Bratz cartoon???? :-p