Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time Out!

I can not believe that school starts up the 11th! What happened to Summer? It was just yesterday that I blogged about school getting out!

I've got so much to do before school! The kids' clothes need to be gone through. I need to find out what uniforms they lack, and then get them. We've got to get backpacks and lunch boxes. I've got to get the school supplies for the eldest.

Fortunately, I have nothing else going on (HA!) I'm still working two jobs and planning two parties at my house (one being the Sunday prior to school on Monday). We have multiple family birthdays and multiple birthday parties the kids have been invited to. We also still have Cheer three nights a week. ARGGGGGGG!!!!

When in the world will I get anything done? Oh, but that's OK. My dear hubby will help (HA!) He's traveling... again... Then he has Fantasy Football weekend this weekend, which means they have the "draft" Saturday (almost all day) then they play golf on Sunday.

So, see? I have it ALL under control...

Does anyone know of a store that sells time? I know that everyone would love time, money and the fountain of youth. But right now, I could really just use some more time. (Not that I would turn down money or youth...)

I know everyone has their own list that could rival mine. I know everyone is dealing with their own drama at the beginning of school. So how do we deal?

I tend to think I do exceptionally well under pressure. But how much pressure can we take before we break? (I guess we'll find out, huh?)

I've tried pairing down. I've said "No" to everything I can. But the stuff on my list is stuff that isn't an option. It's required. And, more importantly, the majority of it is for my kids, which is my whole reason for doing anything.

So the house won't be as clean, I won't sleep as much, and I won't be able to add another single thing to my plate. But hopefully, I will get my list done efficiently, effectively and without too much incident.

Then, school will be in full swing, and we won't stop again until after Christmas...

I already miss Summer...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Now I just can't wait to go school supply shopping!!! BUt, you are right - where did the summer go?