Friday, May 16, 2008

Buenos Noches, Pedro

So many "Girl's Nights" in a row proved to be Pedro's (our male sucker fish) demise.

Somewhere between the "chick flicks" and finger nail polish fumes, we noticed that Pedro was no longer "sucking." In fact, he was actually sort of floating. Hmm. Not good.

I've determined his passing was simply old age. First, he was a sucker fish, and he had PLENTY to suck in his tank. Secondly, I'm certain he didn't die from loneliness, as I believe him to be one of the primary suspects in all of our other fish's deaths.

Actually, I've decided he must have been an old, crotchety sucker fish that tormented all of our other fish. He may have even been a flasher sucker fish, which would explain why some of our little Baptist fish were momentarily stunned and sucked up into the filter.

Either way, Pedro is taking his permanent siesta in that great toilet bowl in the sky now. I'll be so glad to have the fish tank (or the "fish tomb" as we now call it) put away. Really, how many other people do you know that have every fish they've ever gotten define their home as a "watery grave"?

The only thing that could have made Pedro's final passing more ironic would have been if we had some sort of water plant life in the tank that died at the same time. Can one family really have this much "bad luck" with fish???

The girls and I enjoyed a great movie tonight, as Pedro swam towards the light. Then, when I realized the situation, I quickly ushered the girls upstairs, uncertain how they would take the news. Then I used the little fish net and put Guido to rest in his round, swirly coffin (aka: toilet).

I'm sure the girls will wonder tomorrow. But for tonight, I'll let them rest easy, believing all is right with the world. Tomorrow, they can find out the truth that Pedro taught us so well: "Life sucks, and then you die..."

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