Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girl's Night

For the next several nights, we will be having "Girl's Night" at our house. Mommy & the two girls and even the dog are all of the female persuasion. Pedro the sucker fish (whose sex is not really known, just assumed) will be the lone male in a house full of giggles, hair bows, finger nail polish and chocolate.

Daddy & son are out of town until Friday night, and we have taken over!

To begin with, we got "chick flick" movies at the movie store- the kind that make guys break out into hives. Then we went on a mini-shopping spree at Target. Sixty-seven dollars, two outfits and three pairs of shoes later, we were off to dinner. Red Robbin was scrumptious, as always! I'm certain we ate enough to cause our new outfits to groan a little bit, but it was good!

After some homework and other chores at home, we are going to settle into my bed together.

I love my hubby and my son. But to me there is something so special about we three girls snuggled under the covers together. We all smell clean and sweet from baths and the cotton sheets are so soft.

This is the time when we talk about friends at school, why peanut butter is sticky and what is the best way to eat an oreo. The darkness allows for a certain anonymity that the light doesn't provide. In this darkness, a solemn bond of sisterhood lets secrets be whispered and dreams be shared. Giggles are sweeter and tears are wiped away by soft pajama sleeves.

Girl's Night means hugs and kisses that my son only seldom will give anymore. Son says, "Mom, you're so cool!" But the girls say, "I love you, Mommy!"

As the girls get older, I'm sure there will be a time when I am not so cool and cuddling under covers seems dull and boring. But hopefully, that time will make way to a new time and a new friendship, much like I have with my mother.

Mom and I don't have the opportunity to snuggle under covers, but sometimes we share a popcorn bowl and a blanket during a movie on the DVD. And we may not giggle as much, but we still laugh and share and talk on the phone and across the dinner table. Now, beyond mother and daughter, we are also sisters and friends.

Girl's Night is a treasure for me. I even get to have a Girl's Night once a month with my book club girl friends. (No snuggling allowed!) But we eat and drink together and talk (albeit briefly) about a selected book we have all read. We've had bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and numerous other celebratory occasions. We've also grieved over loss together, shared stories that made us outraged for each other and even worried over a friend whose husband got deployed to Iraq for a year, after being inactive for over thirteen years.

I have girl friends I have known forever who can still make me laugh with, "Remember when?" I have a newer friend (bff) with whom I share an old soul. All are my sisters and I love them.

There will always be a need for men/boys/males. They balance us out. They are the other half of ourselves. They keep calm in a sea of hormones. And they help carry out action for moments of crisis.

But there is something so special about the sisterhood of women/girls/females. And I am forever grateful to have such special daughters to whom I am privileged to pass along the tradition.

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ThePrincessMommy said...

I am sort of jealous! K and I don't get to do that too often! Enjoy and make lots of memories! And when we are old and grey, we will still plan "girly-girly" times together! This is soooo good!