Thursday, May 22, 2008


School's last day was yesterday. As the sun set on the day, Summer officially began.

During Summer, we will usher in the absence of real bed times, the flurry of friends sleeping over, and the joy of not adhering to any true schedule. The weather is warm enough for swimming and playing in the sun, but cool enough to not require the administration of oxygen, as in the "dog days" of Summer in Middle Tennessee.

Today my kids are going strawberry picking with my mom and their cousins. Doesn't that just sound like a Norman Rockwell painting? Especially when you can't hear the siblings fighting over baskets, or bragging over who brought in the most strawberries...

I am looking forward to the sound of kids laughing and splashing in the pool while I let the sun warm my face. I love sitting on my parents' screened in porch, a breeze keeping us cool, while we visit. I so enjoy playing putt-putt golf and taking walks in the evening.

I am dreading bathing suits (really, some of them are so small, why bother? Just go naked, for heaven's sake!). I hate shaving my legs EVERY DAY (LOVE black tights in the winter!). And I despise being mosquito bate (the Tennessee state bird).

But, all in all, I am so excited to have it be SUMMER! Just saying it, makes me feel warm and happy! I'm sure in August, I'll be singing a different tune. But for now, it's SUMMER!!!!

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Do you really think they will argue with Grandma??? Mine usually don't - making me a big fat liar because I have been telling her how they don't get along.