Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cats & the Kids

While laying in bed coughing up my right lung this morning, my children wanted to come in and talk to me, kiss on me and show me cartwheels. I was very appreciative of their morning cheerfulness. But, I, being under the weather, became weary of their attention, especially when just last night at bed time they said I was mean because I wouldn't let them sleep with the radio on. (They never would have slept! They would be singing along with the songs until dawn!)

As my husband tried to usher them out so I could try to sleep off the remainder of the cold medicine I took last night, it occurred to me that children are very much like cats. Consider the following:

  1. When you want to cuddle and "pet" them, they scatter and (sometimes) even snarl at you. ("Mom! Quit it! My friends will see you!")

  2. When you have reached the end of you rope and can not bear to hear another word or be touched one more time, the kids/cats suddenly become instantaneously fixated on you, and must touch and talk to you incessantly

  3. They are both distracted by shiny objects

  4. Trying get them to go anywhere in a group is pretty much futile (without a cat carrier)

  5. If you feed them, they will never leave

  6. Neither like to have dress up clothes put on them

  7. Neither will willingly cooperate for pictures

  8. The easier it is to find/have them, the less valuable they are perceived to be (free kittens & unwanted pregnancies)

  9. They are considered property under most of the world's laws

  10. They are both far more likely to participate willingly in an activity they consider to be a game

  11. They are naturally curious

  12. Neither care much for doctors or shots

  13. Both will do just about anything for a "treat"

  14. A box and a ball of yarn will keep them both busy for hours, but the most expensive toys will lay un-opened and un-used

  15. They can only hear you calling for them when they want to

My kids eventually made it to school this morning. And I plodded around the house in search of caffeine and cough drops.

When I finally made it to work I thought, "Wow! I am SO glad we don't have to diaper cats or litter-train kids!" (ICK!)

Peace & be well...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

You are a flipping genius!! This is wonderful~!!! I have never thought about that before!