Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stop Me Before I Volunteer EVER Again!

Why, oh why, didn't someone just shoot me last summer when I heard myself say, "Sure, we'll direct Vacation Bible School next year. How hard can it be?"

I actually think that this event may be the one thing that finally cures me of volunteering all together. I could never say "no" to any event or request. Partly because I felt guilty. But partly because I got so excited and swept up in the cause and/or the possibilities of the event.

But Vacation Bible School is a whole nother animal. Really.

It's like coordinating a three-ring circle to try to all jump up and scream "Bingo!" at the same time: impossible!

Fortunately, I have the Big Guy on my side, so I'm counting on Him to pull us through. After all, it's His event...

There are so many details... And we chose the "easy" program, that is supposedly "self-led". Hmph. Too bad the supplies aren't "self-bought" and the volunteers aren't "self-trained" and the directors aren't "self-organized."

Either way, two Mondays from now, it will be done. I will be free from the stress of having 70+ children looking at me saying, "Now what do we do?" and 20+ volunteers saying, "Now what do we do?" and a whole congregation saying, "Last year's directors really had this thing so down-pat."

My co-director and I are bff. That makes this whole situation so much more tolerable. Although, I must say I think some of the initial appeal of doing this thing has not really panned out. We had big plans to meet every week over 2-for-1's at Chili's to discuss and organize. To date, we have done that exactly... never.

Instead, we each have our own mini (0r major) panic attacks, which leads to a hysterical phone call. Then one of us will talk the other off our ledge, we try to solve the fire de jour, and move on.

We have already stated for the record that this is a one-time-only appearance. Next year, we will go back to throwing crackers at each other as Snack Goddesses and leave the big important stuff to someone else.

I think we have actually even cured ourselves of ever saying "yes" to anything again. Now, when people start with, "I have a favor/question/proposition/etc." I can say "NO! Not interested. Find someone else. My plate is full. I don't even like you..." and walk away- quickly.

I've also learned to NEVER give suggestions. The minute you say, "You know what would be a great idea?..." you become prime target for carrying out said idea. I've taken that the other way, too, though. With anything I have overseen over the last few years, I've learned that when someone says, "I really wish the board/committee/church/school/etc. would do __________," I say, "I think YOU would be great at that! I'll let them know you are interested." (If nothing else, it shuts them up...)

I'm certain at the end of this experience I will feel blessed to have been used as God's instrument to share His love with so many people. But right now, my stomach hurts, my head hurts, I can't sleep, and I dread every time the phone rings.

This really wasn't what I signed up for... But what ever is???

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ThePrincessMommy said...

I am STILL laughing - this needs to be sent to a magazine!!! It is soo good! I was laughing out loud so many times!